About us

On-demand learning to rocket launch your PR.

Who we are

Pioneer Academy is part of pr.co, an online newsroom and PR software company. We are a small but mighty team, helping PR pros share their story with the audiences that matter.  
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Our why

We grew out of the frustrations of journalists in the newsroom of TNW. We realized that most people simply don't know how to work with journalists and we set out to change that. Since then we've helped some of the world's biggest names improve their PR, and become the brands that journalists love working with. 

We make PR accessible for every company

We believe in high quality, actionable training that will give you the results you need from day one. All of our courses are led by experts who share their knowledge to get you up to speed, fast.
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Is Pioneer Academy right for me?

If you want to grow your brand or fast-track your career in PR, Pioneer Academy is for you. 

Our courses are designed for communications professionals, and founders. They’ll give you the practical knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to run successful PR campaigns, increase your brand awareness and grow your brand. 

Bianca Zwart

Bianca has a wealth of experience in PR. As founder of the PR agency Black & White Communications, she has worked for some of Europe's fastest growing companies. As an entrepreneur, Bianca appreciates the unique needs of startup PR. She is currently Chief of Staff for bunq where she combines her strategic vision and creative operational vision to drive bunq’s  radical change in the banking industry.
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