How to announce your startup’s funding

Learn how to use your funding announcement to increase your brand awareness, inspire greater trust, and grow your startup even faster. 

About the course

Learn how to nail your funding announcement and why it will set you up for long term success. Over five lessons you'll learn how to position and structure your press release, and how to pitch it to maximize your coverage. This course is perfect for you if you have secured, or hope to secure, funding and want to accelerate your brand’s growth. 

Practical approach

Each video lesson is filled with practical tips, guides, and templates to help you implement your learning immediately.  

Globally strategy

This course is designed to help European startups and scale-ups secure global media coverage. 

Long-term success

Making a big splash is important but if you don’t keep up the momentum, the silence will be deafening. Learn how to sustain long-term media attention and brand awareness.

Learn how to announce your startup's funding 

Over 6 lessons, you'll learn how to use your funding announcement to accelerate your brand growth. 

You will: 
  • Have 24/7 access to bite-sized lessons
  • Align and guide your team through your next funding round announcement
  • Prepare your merger and acquisition announcement 
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In this course, you'll learn... 

  • How to announce your latest funding round to the press and other stakeholders 
  • How to craft a press release for funding announcements and M&As 
  • How to showcase your brand's growth strategy

Bianca Zwart

Bianca has a wealth of experience in PR. As founder of the PR agency Black & White Communications, she has worked for some of Europe's fastest growing companies. As an entrepreneur, Bianca appreciates the unique needs of startup PR. She is currently Chief of Staff for bunq where she combines her strategic vision and creative operational vision to drive bunq’s  radical change in the banking industry.
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