How to launch in the press

Learn what it takes to launch your product, brand, or service in the media. Maximize your impact with step-by-step, practical lessons and build your personalized launch strategy. 

About the course

First impressions count. Introduce your brand or product to the world with confidence and learn how to keep your momentum up after the big moment. This course is perfect for you if you know you have a great product or idea, but aren't not sure how to get it the attention it deserves.

Practical approach

Get actionable tips that you can apply to your launch immediately. 

Leverage your personal brand

Learn how to build your personal brand and use it to your advantage.

Traditional and modern media

Learn how to maximize the impact of your launch through social media.

Learn how to launch your brand in the press

Over 10 lessons, you'll learn all the basic concepts and principles of effective public relations. 

You will: 
  • Have 24/7 access to bite-sized lessons
  • Prepare for your next launch
  • Become certified in positioning your brand in the press 
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In this course, you'll learn... 

  • How to create a high-level strategy for your next launch
  • How to position your brand messaging in the press 
  • How to align your team before and after going live 

Bianca Zwart

Bianca has a wealth of experience in PR. As founder of the PR agency Black & White Communications, she has worked for some of Europe's fastest growing companies. As an entrepreneur, Bianca appreciates the unique needs of startup PR. She is currently Chief of Staff for bunq where she combines her strategic vision and creative operational vision to drive bunq’s  radical change in the banking industry.
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