Introduction to PR

Master the basics of PR and take your startup to the next level. Learn how to write press releases, develop relationships with journalists, and execute the perfect communications plan. 

About the course

Gain the skills and confidence you need to grow your brand through PR. This course is ideal for people working in startups who want to maximize their media coverage and accelerate their growth.  You will learn how to develop strong media relations, run successful PR campaigns and get your audience excited about your brand. 

Make real change

Learn practical tips that you can use to start improving your PR today. 

Learn strategic PR

Create a communications plan to reach the audiences that matter. 

Identify success

Learn from other startups to accelerate your success.

Learn the basics of PR 

Over 10 lessons, you'll learn all the basic concepts and principles of effective public relations. 

You will: 
  • Have 24/7 access to bite-sized lessons
  • Learn how to grow your startup or scale-up
  • Become certified in PR
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In this course, you'll learn... 

  • How to create and execute a communications plan
  • How to identify newsworthy stories
  • How to write a killer pitch and press releases 

Bianca Zwart

Bianca has a wealth of experience in PR. As founder of the PR agency Black & White Communications, she has worked for some of Europe's fastest growing companies. As an entrepreneur, Bianca appreciates the unique needs of startup PR. She is currently Chief of Staff for bunq where she combines her strategic vision and creative operational vision to drive bunq’s  radical change in the banking industry.
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